1] Electromagnetic & its Application to Insulation Breakdown in Pulsed Power Technology

Author – Mr. Nimesh Smart, Miss. Manisha Patel

2]. Implementation of Vector Oriented Control for Induction Motor Using DS1104

Author – Mr. Nimesh Smart, Miss. Manisha Patel

3]. Monitoring of Power Quality using PLC

Author – Mr. Divyang Modi, Mr. Nimesh Smart

4]. Design 3-phase core type of Transformer and Modification of Symmetrical Star Shaped Core.

Author – Miss. Ayushi Patel, Miss. Namrata Bapodariya, Mr. Himanshu Panchal, Mr. Nimesh Smart, Mr. Kshitij Bhatt

5]. Design & Implementation of 17.25 kVA Solar Power Plant

Author – Mrs. Vaidhya Riya, Miss. Patel Sohini, Mr. Patel Ronak, Mr. Patel Fenil, Mr. Nimesh Smart

6]. Analysis of Five Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Variable Frequency Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation Techniques.

Author -Mr. Shani M Vaidya Mr. Kunal P Bhatt,

7]. Design and Implementation of Green Energy Based Electrical Power Generation System.

Author – Mr. Ronak Tandel, Mr.Keyur Mistry, Mr.Dipen Patel,Mr. Akash Tandel, Mr.Shani M Vaidya

8] PLC & SCADA based Power Quality Improvisation in Induction Motor

 Author-Mr.Urvesh Dakoriya, Mr Nimesh D. Smart

9].Evaluation of the transient response of DC motor

 Author-Mr.Urvesh Dakoriya, Mr Nimesh D. Smart

10].Simulation  Model of Boost Converter

Author-Mr.Urvesh Dakoriya, Mr Nimesh D. Smart

11].PWM Based Speed Control for a DC Motor

Author-Mr.Sanjay Bhanderi, Mr.Chintan Patel, Mr.Hardeepkumar Patel, Mr.Pratik Patel, Ms.Apeksha Unadkat

12].Monitoring of Power Quality Using PLC

Author-Mr.Divyang Modi Mr.Nimesh Smart

13].Measurement of electomagnetic parameters in  pulsedpower system

Author-Mr. Nimesh D. Smart, Mr. Shani M. Vaidya